Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day 8: DIY Wreath

I'm trying to decide if I'm a wreath person. As I walk down the aisles at each store, I see these sometimes bright, large and loud wreathes that just don't talk to me. I haven't seen a subtle holiday wreath in a long time. I want something simple, something natural, something normal. But while I was looking for the perfect wreath to showcase who I am, (I mean heck, it goes on your front door! It's the first image of who you are that your neighbors and guests see, it's a BIG DEAL!) I got an idea! I'd make my own and I'd have the boys help!

What You Will Need:
Ornament Hooks, or small wires
Anything you want to decorate with!

Step One:
So, I went to the craft store, (a lot of stores are having their holiday items on sale now, so hurry!) and picked out a $7 (marked down to $3) plain ever green wreath. I also picked up some red berries and some pretty silver beads to decorate with. But that's the beauty of this project. You can pick out whatever you want, and whatever resembles YOU!

Step Two:
Gather the items you want to put on your wreath. I asked the boys to pick out different objects from their toy bins that resembled them. Start to plan your lay out.

Step Three: 
Decorate! My kids couldn't twist the wires around the objects that they wanted, so I did the wire twisting with the ornament hooks and they told me where to put them.

Step Four:
Once everything is attached, hang up your wreath! It should be the perfect reflection of who you are and who your kids are! I plan on doing this every year to see the different things that make up our family. And, it's a wreath I can live with too. It doesn't have too many bows, or too much fake snow, it's exactly what I wanted when I went to the store to pick out a wreath, only better, because it's a part of me. 

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