Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 17: Snickerdoodle Cookies!

This is my my house smelled so wonderful yesterday! A perfect, and yummy holiday treat for your family or your friends!

What You'll Need:
I followed the Betty Crocker cookbook recipe for this project, you can find it here You probably have everything in your house already except the Cream of Tartar.

Step One:
Follow the baking recipe. My kids love to bake! They love pouring in the ingredients and mixing, but over the last few days they've really enjoyed counting! So we turned this into a counting project too!

Step Two:
If you're wondering why I chose snickerdoodles, it's because these are "hands on" cookies! Seriously, you have to roll them in sugar! What could me more exciting for a kid?! 

Step Three: 
After you're done baking, get some bags (from any craft store in the baking section) and put some in bags for your friends, teachers or neighbors! 

Step Four:
Don't forget to eat one (or two) with your child, they did make them after all! 

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