Tuesday, December 3, 2013

23 Days of Holiday Crafts- Day 3: Marshmallow Snowman!

My boys have been dying to eat marshmallows, right now they are everywhere in our grocery store, apparently it's a thing to have different holiday flavored mallows, I didn't know. But I can't think of anything more gross than a gingerbread or egg nog flavored marshmallow.

Anyway, I decided to appease them one day and bought mini, PLAIN marshmallows, I didn't know at the time what I was going to do with them, but the kids were happy and for $1 I was sure I could come up with something.

When I was a kid, we made snowmen out of the larger marshmallows, but I decided that I didn't want those in my house and I could do more with the little ones. So, I decided to have the boys make snowmen, especially since we are expecting quite the snow storm!

Here's What You Need:
Marshmallows, any size you desire, but the mini ones are probably the best
Construction paper
Any other snacks, cereal or candy in your pantry

Step One:
Draw a snowman on a piece of paper so your child can have an outline to follow.

Step Two:
Put glue on the paper along the snowman outline. Then, let your kids place the marshmallows on the paper.

Step Three: 
Let your kids eat some marshmallows. (Not off the paper)

Step Four:
Use the cereal, snacks or other candy from your pantry and have your kids add a face and arms.

Step Five:
Hang the snowman on the wall! 

Another simple, cheap, fun, and yummy way to celebrate the winter season! 

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