Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day 23: Marshmallow Igloos!

This fun project can be edible if you want, sort of like an igloo version of the gingerbread house. Or, you can just use what you have from home or left over projects to make a beautiful winter scene.

What You'll Need:
Paper bowls
Marshmallows or Cotton Balls
Frosting or Elmers glue
Hot Glue
Frosting or Spray Glue
Cardboard or Plate
Fake snow or Coconut shreds
Any other candy or decoration you like

Step One: 
Take your paper bowl, turn it upside down and cut an arch out of one of the sides.

Step Two:
Take your "igloo" and use the hot glue gun. Glue the bowl to the cardboard. If you've got left over boxes from packages, use the short sides of the box, or to get a circle, use the bottom of a frozen pizza! I'm telling ya, I save everything for projects! 

Step Three:
Put glue (or frosting) all over the igloo and let your kids decorate! Of course, they are going to want to eat some. 

We ran out of marshmallows so we used cotton balls to help cover up the igloo. 

Step Four:
I had left over animals form our Globe Ornaments and I had left over snow, so I used the spray glue and covered the cardboard really well with the glue. The fake snow covered it perfectly. If you are making the edible version, you'll put frosting down, and then cover the ground with other delicious goodies. 

I had a few fake diamonds we added to make ice or a lake, and a tree from the snow globe project so we added a few more accessories, and had the perfect winter scene. 

Well, that's it for your 23 days of Holiday Crafts. I do have a few more surprises for you over the holiday, but we are going to wait to do them with our family in Michigan! We get to celebrate our own little family Christmas tonight and then off we go! We wish you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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