Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 7: Snowflake Art

Perhaps it's because they were born in North Dakota, maybe it's because they are kids... I guess I could have a role in it too, because I made them go outside on days that were -10 degrees or warmer to play when we lived in ND. Reguardless, my boys are obsessed with snow. So on our first snowy day, I decided to add more magic to the day when I announced we would make snowflakes! They didn't really know what I meant, but once we got going, this was one of the most fun projects for them, and the most stressful for me. 

What You Need:
Glue stick
Spray glue
Construction paper
White paper

If you have never heard of spray glue, here is a picture! It can be found at any major craft store

Step One: 
If you have faith in your kids, you can let them cut the snowflakes, but since mine are only 3 and 22.5 months, I decided to cut the snowflakes for them before I gave them the project. 

Step Two: 
Once they have cut the snowflakes, or the snowflakes have been cut, give them to your child with the glue stick. Have them attach the snowflakes to the construction paper

While they did this, we talked about how each snowflake was entirely different from one another and completely unique. I also read them the book, No Two Alike by Keith Baker. It's a beloved book in our house and while I usually put away the Winter books with our Christmas decorations, this one I just can't put away! 

Step Three:
Once attached to the paper, use the spray glue and spray the snowflakes with it. 

Step Four:
Add the glitter. And here's where I nervously watched as my boys poured glitter all over the paper, and well, just about everything. Even though they followed my directions and did what they were told to do, we had glitter everywhere. It is important to remember though, if you don't like a mess, don't give a kid glitter! So I couldn't be mad! 

We used two different kinds of glitter, some that came in a large package (and dumping was the only way to get it out like you see on the left with Hank's project) and one that came in smaller tubes that had holes so sprinkles could come out (like Theo used on the right). The smaller tubes were less messy, but didn't come out as well and I don't think covered as well. But, you decided which works best for you and your kids. 

Step Five: 
Once dry, hang your projects up! They are sure to brighten up your room as the sun bounces off that glitter! 

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