Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day 21: Sun Catchers

Here's a little craft that I found in the check out aisle at Michael's I am sure you can find these at any hobby store, craft store, or even Target. I'm sure the Dollar Store has them too. Either way, these were a great easy project for the boys to do on a snowy afternoon.

What You'll Need:
One Kit

Step One:
Lay out the different Sun catchers, let your kids choose which ones they will paint.

Let them paint the plastic sun catchers.

Step Two:
Once they are painted, let them dry.

Step Three:
Once dry, use the ribbon in the kit to make it hang on a tree or on a suction cup for the window. 

Step Four:
Hang! And enjoy! We've been waiting for a sunny day to put ours up! 

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