Sunday, December 15, 2013

Day 15: Winter Watercolors

While Theo slept, Hanky and I had a little project time to ourselves. Here is a simple, but beautiful project for your little ones.

What You'll Need:
White crayon
White paper
Watercolor paints
Paint brush

Step One:
On your blank piece of paper, take your white crayon and draw a picture. Anything really, but I drew a boy on a sled, snowflakes, pine trees, a snowman etc.

Step Two:
Have your child take the watercolors and paint the paper! Tell them that there is a hidden picture and they have to paint to find it.

As they start to paint, the crayon will start to come through. The paint can't stick to the waxy crayon markings. 

Make sure they color the whole page, even adding a boarder (in crayon) may be a good idea. Something to add a little more fun to the project. 

Henrik was so excited to see what was under the paint, he painted everywhere with so much joy. He laughed the whole time and gasped when he saw something else appear. 

When the paper is totally painted, it will be VERY wet. Set it on a cooling rack to dry for a little while. 

Once it's dry, you'll have these beautiful winter wonderland paintings to display!

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