Thursday, December 5, 2013

23 Days of Holiday Crafts- Day 5: Candy Cane & Cutting Practice!

For some reason, both of my boys believe that they need to do everything I do, and everything that the other does. This applies to every aspect of their life. From getting dressed to doing projects, these two want to be exactly like one another. So, when Henrik came home from school asking to use scissors to cut stuff, I knew that I had to get out the baby safety scissors and get Theo a piece of paper too. Then I got an idea! How about turn this into a project!

Hmmmmm what could we make? A CANDY CANE! They could cut the stripes! Here is a quick (depending on their cutting expertise) project that you can do with your kids.

What you will need:
Red construction paper
White paper

Step One:
Ahead of time, or before your kids get really excited about using scissors, cut out a candy cane shape for them. It will save everyone a lot of frustration, unless your kids are older and good at cutting on the line or curves. I also pre cut a few thin pieces of white paper incase the cutting got to be too much for either of my boys.

Step Two:
I gave the boys the glue and the strips of paper that I had already cut and told them what the project was going to be. Right away, before even thinking about using their own scissors, they started gluing the white pieces of paper on to the candy cane.

Step Three:
When they ran out of the paper that I cut, they wanted to cut some more and still had a lot of cane to cover, so they started to cut their own. It took a while...

But, honestly, I liked the candy canes better when they were finished. It gave them much more personality and, these were their projects anyway, not mine. 

 Once the project was completed, there was huge excitement to get these fine pieces of art on the wall. I guess they were happy with what they created! We couldn't get them up fast enough.

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