Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day 11: Egg Carton Snowmen Ornaments!

If you read the toilet paper roll snowmen craft, then you know that I'm stockpiling any and all recyclables for a rainy day. So these egg carton guys were easy to come up with when I noticed my craft bin was overflowing.

Here's What You'll Need:
Egg cartons
Paint & Paint brush
Punching tool/screwdriver
Googly eyes
Pipe cleaners
Glue gun
Pom poms

Step One:
Take your egg cartons, and cut them into groups of three, like a snowman. Then, you'll want to clean up the sides so that it actually looks like a snowman's body.

Step Two:
Take the tool that you can punch holes with, and punch three holes, two in the middle carton and one on the top (where you'll place twine to make it an ornament).

Step Three:
Because my egg cartons weren't totally white, I gave the boys white paint and had them freshen up the snowmen.

Once the are done, let the cartons dry. Because these were made with recycled cardboard, the paint dried pretty quickly.

Step Four:
Once they are dry, you will probably want to poke the holes again, just in case the paint covered them up. Then, you can place the pipe cleaner arms in the snowman.

Step Five:
Before you hand these guys off to be decorated, you'll want to add the twine to the top of the snowman. Make a knot with your twine, and shove it through the hole you made at the top. 

Step Six: 
Now, let your kids get creative! Have them add googly eyes, pipe cleaner noses, smiles and buttons made from pom poms! I had left over felt from our other snowman craft so those were an option for the buttons too. 

I of course used the glue gun, but I let the kids pick out everything and where their features would go.

And when they were dry, they made perfect accents to our tree! And yes, this one does have three eyes, remember, IT'S NOT YOUR PROJECT! Let your kids have some creativity! You'll be able to laugh about the three eyed snowman for years to come.

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