Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 20: Popscicle Snowflakes

Today was another messy glitter day in my house, and while I was smarter about protecting the table from spry glue and glitter, my hands are covered in glue and glitter. Oh well. I guess I'll get it right one of these days.

What You'll Need:
Popscicle sticks
Hot glue gun
Spray Glue

Step One:
You can have your kids do this or you can prep it in advance. I chose to prep this for them. So, I glued sticks together so that they were in the shape of a snowflake: start with a cross, then add sticks on to fill the gaps, keep making crosses.

Step Two:
Once they are dry, give them to the kids! I used the Elmer's Spray Adhesive glue and covered the whole snowflake. (It dries quickly, so you may want to spray it again after a few minutes) Then, I gave the boys glitter and let them go! 

They were much better at using the glitter this time so it was way less messy. 

Step Three:
Once the snowflakes dry, shake them off and get the last little bit of glitter off. Once you have done that, you can turn them over and glue on a ribbon to make the snowflakes hang. To do this, you just take a ribbon and tie a knot. Then you use your hot glue gun and make a big glob of glue on a spot on the snowflake. Stick the ribbon onto the glue. Push it down, be careful, the glue is hot. Let it sit for a few minutes while it dries. 

Step Four:
Hang it on your tree! 

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