Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day 19: Heart Felt Ornaments

I love simple projects and simplicity in decorations. I love when ornaments mean something and when they tell a story. I think we all have a story about love, or about the simple icon of a heart. And now, you can give this cheap, easy and adorable ornament to someone who means something to you!

What You'll Need:
Glue gun

Step One:
Take your felt and cut out heart shapes. Make as many as you want. Make them all different sizes.
Then, take a piece of felt, I found some "hard" felt that I decided to use as a backing for these ornaments, you don't need it, but I thought the gray looked nice and it was the only gray I could find. Once you decide which color will be your backing, cut different sized squares or rectangles.

Step Two:
Let your kids create! Lay out the different colors, and different sized hearts and let them build their ornament! Because felt sticks to one another, let them create their ornament...

 Once your child is done making the perfect Love Ornament, reinforce it with a hot glue gun. 

Step Three:
Take your scissors and cut a hole for the ribbon so these can stick on your tree. I just made a "cross" or an "X" in the felt and stuck the ribbon through. 

Step Four:
Once the ribbon is through, tie a knot and then you're done! The perfect, simple, easy ornament of the season. 

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