Friday, December 6, 2013

23 Days of Holiday Crafts and Projects- Day 6: Pine Cone Ornaments!

When we started to decorate for fall, the boys and I took a field trip to the park where we collected leaves, sticks and pine cones. Anything really that gave us the feeling of Fall. I still haven't taken down the Fall pine cones, because they were a great addition to our Halloween decorations too. And because I am lazy, I turned them into a decoration for Thanksgiving! And now, I'm going to get another holiday/season out of them as I turn them into ornaments for your tree! 

Here's What You'll Need- PART ONE:

Pine cones Glue gun
Pom poms

Step One: 
Have your child decorate the pine cone. Henrik decided he wanted to use beads to decorate his, so I used the glue gun and placed glue drops where he told me to, while he placed the bead in the glue.

Theodor chose the pom poms for his trees, and we did the same thing with him too. I placed the glue and he stuck the pom poms on. 

 I think they turned out pretty cute! We could have done Christmas colors, but I'm really glad I chose not to. These decorations look so bright and cheery!

Here's What You'll Need- PART TWO:

Glue gun

Step One:
While my kids were napping, I completed this project for them and turned the pine cones into ornaments. They probably could have helped, but their fine motor skills aren't great enough to  make knots or even attach them to the pine cone. So, anyway, first, take your twine and make a knot like this:

Step Two: 
I wasn't talented enough to take a picture while I was doing this, and the image wouldn't have been great anyway, but next, you'll want to use your glue gun to add glue to a crevasse in the top of the cone. Once you've done that. Stick the twine deep in the glue. Another way to do it is to wrap the ends of your knot around the top of the pine cone. You can glue those in place, and then add more glue to stick the actual knot in. Either way, it should hold like this:

Step Three:
Once the glue has set, feel free to decorate! These little ornaments will make the perfect addition to your tree or garland! 

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