Saturday, December 7, 2013

BONUS DAY! 3 Extra holiday projects!

 My husband asked why I was doing this with my blog, and the answer is because, there aren't that many projects out there, even if you search Pinterest, for younger kids to do. So, I set out to come up with, and search for projects that we could do from home for just a few dollars, or free, that my kids could actually do on their own without a lot of help. And because it's the giving season, and we've done a craft for 7 DAYS and I'm not going nuts yet, I wanted to give you a few more projects to do with your little ones today!

The AFB we live on sponsored an event for the Youth Program here on base. We made our little $5 donation and got to spend a wonderful morning as a family in a loud, chaotic, craft-filled, festive environment. My boys were a little overwhelmed at first, but once they got settled they couldn't wait to get crafty!

Here are the three projects that my kids decided to do, I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Sock Snowman:
Eric did this craft with Henrik so I didn't get any pictures of the process, however, it's SO easy to make. First, they filled a sock with about 2 cups of birdseed and then wrapped a rubber band around it so the birdseed wouldn't come loose. They added another cup of birdseed to the sock, and put a rubber band around that too. They moved to a new table where there were athletic socks cut in half and folded over (like his hat) and they were told to place it on the snowman's head. Once that was done. They glued on eyes and just one button for some reason. A scrap material scarf was tied around his neck (you really want to do that, it help supports the head). Henrik didn't want a mouth or nose, or any other decorations, but he carried this snowman around the whole time like it was a special treasure! He even wanted it in the picture with Santa!

If you don't have birdseed laying around, you could probably use sand. Just something that will hold a shape well so your snowman can stand up.

Gingerbread House:
For this project you're going to want assistance for each child if they are under three. First, the kids were given milk cartons, like they would get at school. They were told to put frosting on the carton and stick on graham crackers until the carton was covered. You can see from the photo that they just used store brand frosting to make them stick to the carton. Though, we used about 3/4 of the can of frosting for ours, so make sure you buy enough!

Next, the kids were told to decorate! It was pretty easy once I put the frosting on. Henrik wasn't quite able to get a thick enough spread of frosting to make his candy stick.

Theo just wanted to eat everything. So Eric did a lot of the decorating on his house. 

Once they were done, we had some pretty sweet houses to take home! They are totally edible, since we used frosting to "glue" them. I wonder how long it will take before the kids ask if they can eat them! 

Baby Food Jar Snow Globe:
Henrik decided he wanted to make a snow globe as his last project so off we went to this little station where he picked out a jar and added some beads to it: 

Then he added glitter:

Then he added water and glycerin:

Then the lit was sealed on with a hot glue gun, and they tied a ribbon around it. 

Henrik LOVED this project, he's always loved snow globes and now just twists this one around and around and watches the glitter fall to the bottom. If you wanted, you could also start this project by gluing an object to the bottom of the lid and then adding all of the glitter, water and glycerin to it. Once you sealed it, you could turn the jar over so the object that you glued to the lid became a focal point for the snow globe and the glitter could fall all around it.

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