Monday, August 26, 2013

Healthy Juice Pops

A friend of mine invited us to a Healthy Snack Party because she was tired of giving her daughter something that comes from a wrapper whenever it was snack time (and man, so was I) so a bunch of moms were to gather and each bring an new snack to the play date. Because Theo and Eric were taking a nap, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to break up playing cars and planes and give Henrik and me some bonding time. We had a blast!

For a few days, Henrik had been asking me if we could make Juice Pops, he watched Special Agent Oso and Oso helped a boy make Juice Pops for his sick sister. Henrik remembered the three simple steps and had been bugging me about how simple it was. So, my friend and Oso gave me the perfect activity for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Here's what you'll need:

Orange Juice
(we used not from concentrate, no sugar or water added, high pulp juice)
(we chose to use raspberries and blue berries)
(not baby carrots)
Small plastic or paper cups
A blender
*You could always add other veggies to the mix, whatever your kids like, (or won't eat)

Then, follow these simple steps:

Add the fruit to the blender, add as much as you want. I probably used about 1/2 Cup of each kind of berry and 2 carrots, chopped

Add your juice! I used 2 Cups of Orange Juice and made about 9 pops

Pour the juice into the plastic cups and place sliced carrots into the mix (as the stick). Freeze the pops.

Drink some of the juice, it's delicious! 

After 3-4 hours in the freezer, your pops should be ready! Don't worry if they take longer, each freezer is different, Enjoy!


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