Monday, August 26, 2013

Healthy Ice Cream Pops

I'm not going to lie, after I made the Juice Pops I figured I could make "ice cream" pops too. It's been in the 90s for weeks and I'm just tired of it! I figured that this mix could cool us down as an after dinner (or after noon) snack.

Here's What You Need:

(I used 4 and made about 30 pops)

Plain Yogurt- 1 Container

Honey- 3-4 Table Spoons
(But do it to taste)

Mixed Berries
(We put in about 3 kid hand fulls of each berry)

Plastic or Paper Cups

Craft Sticks
(We used skewers because that's what we had, but I'd use something more sturdy next time)

Plastic Wrap

Then, Follow These Simple Steps! 

Peel bananas, add fruit. I let Henrik cut the tops off the strawberries, he loved it! Once peeled and washed, add them to the blender. Add yogurt and honey(though you may have to bled everything individually. My blender is pretty small so I mixed the yogurt and bananas and then put them in a mixing bowl while I blended the berries)

Pour contents into the cups. See how it filled up a 9x13 pan! Good thing we had a Healthy Snack Play Date to go to!

Cover cups with plastic wrap and place the sticks into the cups. The wrap will hold the sticks still during the freezing process. 

Place pops in freezer for 5+ hours, remove plastic wrap, then Enjoy!
 Remember, each freezer is different and could take longer. 

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