Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our World: Asia

This lesson was fun, it happened to be short, but the boys had a lot of fun being creative. This lesson, we spent a lot more time looking at maps, pictures, and videos online or on TV than we did with any other lesson. We looked at a few Little Einstein Videos, we watched parts of Mulan, and we even watched people do origami. But at home we were busy too.

This project has been floating around Pinterest for a while, and I loved the outcome so I decided to have the boys try it. I actually have these pictures hanging in my bathroom because they turned out so well. All you need is a 2L bottle or some kind of pop bottle. Something that will allow you to make dots. You could also use finger prints to do the blossoms. For this lesson, we talked about why Cherry trees are important, where we can find cherry trees in our country (ie: Washington DC) and we even got in a little science lesson as we talked about how flowers were created on trees instead of just leaves or pine needles. You can tell we live in a place with no trees :) 

This was a really easy project that actually was really good for Henrik and Theodor. They both need practice with scissors so this was the perfect task! I took some construction paper, folded it in half, and in half again so I had a small square. Then, I drew lines on the paper for them to follow and cut.

Once they were done, the boys took the lanterns, and taped them together. Pretty simple! They actually prefer to use these lanterns as train lanterns, but whatever. 

This took some planning, but I did this lesson on the Chinese New Year. They kind of remembered our New Years celebration (except they didn't stay up for it) so when we talked about the Chinese New Year it was a little easier to comprehend. They actually liked this version better. They got to learn about different animals, different zodiac beliefs, and they LOVE Dragon kites. They loved every thing about this lesson, especially how colorful it was!

Hank and Theo did this project, but I only have pictures of Henrik because Theo thought it would be more fun to tear off the paper and rip apart the dragon, oh well. But, they both had the chance to count the cups we used for parts of the dragon's body, they both told me what colors to use and they helped build the dragon. 

 I actually really liked this project. I gave them the choice of some famous Asian art to paint. They chose to paint the koi, probably because it was fish, but either way, we looked at real masterpieces and talked about what they were made out of (wood cuttings/printings vs. canvas, watercolor vs. oil paints) and who painted them.

Once they decided on a picture to copy, we discussed the picture in depth. I then showed them other images of koi paintings.  What colors were in the image? How were these two paintings similar? What part of the koi can we see? What else is in that picture? Then I took the paintings away. I wanted them to create their own art based on what they had seen. I think they did pretty well! I still have these paintings too. While abstract, and may not look like much other than scribbles on paper, I am very proud of the results, especially when they came from memory!

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