Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Last Minute Turkey Day Crafts!

We squeezed in a few more activities and projects to get ready for Thanksgiving, if you need something to do with the kids, try these simple activities that they are sure to love!

Cornucopia Center Piece:
Henrik must have learned about cornucopias at school, because when he came home, he asked if we could, "make one of those corny things where you put your food in it?" It took me a while to figure out what he was talking about, but I finally figured it out and he was thrilled with this quick and easy craft, seriously, like, five minutes or less!

First, I cut a paper grocery bag into thirds so we could each make one. Second, roll it into a large tube. Third, twist the end of the paper roll so it keeps its shape. Forth, add food! We had some laying around from Halloween!

 DIY Thanksgiving Coloring Pages:
If you are in dire need of a craft, make your own coloring pages! These were two simple pages I came up with to keep the boys from fighting over a toy! They actually loved coloring these and enjoyed talking about the different players in our Thanksgiving Day celebration.

Thankful Tree:
I've seen a few variations on this project through various sites, but I decided to make it more natural! Back when the leaves were changing colors, Hank grabbed a handful of beautiful yellow leaves, he gave them to me and we had them out on our table for decorations for Halloween and Fall, but I just hadn't cleaned them up yet. So, when I decided to make a Thankful Tree, I decided to take these leaves and put them to good use! Then, I went outside and found a few sticks and stuck them in a vase. After that, I gave Henrik a marker and myself a sharpie, and talked about things that we were thankful for. Henrik tried writing MOM and wrote an M, an O, and an M on three different leaves! I will try to keep those for ever! How sweet! Then I talked to him about other things he was thankful for and ended up writing out the rest for our family as our lists grew.  I think it turned out pretty well and has a very natural and organic feeling to it. It could be a perfect way to get kids out of the house and active while waiting for the turkey to finish! Everything you need is in your back yard! 

Turkey Hands! 
This one is way more messy and requires a lot more adult participation, however, the craft looks adorable when it is done and I can't think of too many kids that don't like making hand and foot prints! 

And, when we were done with all of these projects, we had an adorable homemade, kid involved centerpiece for our feast!

I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving! And don't forget to let me know if you used any of these crafts over the long weekend! 

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